Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Snow Queen (Drama , 2018)

The Snow Queen (雪女王) is a 2018 Chinese television series directed by Yang Yang (杨阳), starring Rayza (热依扎) , Dylan Kuo (郭品超) and Qiao Renliang (乔任梁)


  • Movie: The Snow Queen / 雪女王 (JSTV , 2018)
  • Chinese Xue Nu Wang / 雪女王 (2018)
  • Director: Yang Yang (杨阳)
  • Writer : Jia Dongyan (贾东岩)
  • Producer : Gu Ziying (顾子樱)
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Filming location : Shenyang, Beijing
  • Genre: Period drama, political, romance
  • Runtime: 45 min
  • Episodes: 50 
  • Broadcast network: TBA 
  • Broadcast period: TBA
  • Genre : romance
  • Country: China 
  • Language: Mandarin, 


A young girl Gu Xueying (Rayza) earns the title Snow Queen due to her fierceness in battle , suddenly thrown into the mess of national enmity and family hatred. In the end, she became the famous anti-Japanese Snow Queen known through all of Mongolia.


  • Dylan Kuo (郭品超) as Gu Zhaolong (顾照龙)
  • Qiao Renliang (乔任梁) as Shen Leizi (沈雷志)
  • Rayza (热依扎) as Gu Xueying (顾雪萤) 
  • Andy On (安志杰) as Han Zhendong (韩振东) 
  • Collin Chou (邹兆龙) as Gu Tiezheng (顾铁铮)
  • Yuen Wah (元华) as Zhao Taiyi (赵太一) 
  • Yin Zhusheng (尹铸胜) as Jiuchao Sifu (鹫巢鉄夫)  
  • Chen Wenqi (陈文淇) 
  • Sun Zujun (孙祖君) 
  • Wei Ni (维妮) as Jinxinqiu (金宪秋)  
  • Wang Yansu (王妍苏) as Lei Yuying (雷玉英) 
  • Gu Wenze (谷文泽) 
  • Zhao Qing (赵擎) 
  • Luo Guangxu (罗光旭) 



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