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God of Lost Fantasy (Drama , 2018)


God of Lost Fantasy (太古神王) is a 2018 Chinese television series directed by Hu Chuxi (胡储玺) and Chen Weixiang (陈伟祥), starring Sheng Yilun (盛一伦) and Wang Ziwen (王子文)


  • Chinese :  Tai Gu Shen Wang / 太古神王 (Drama , 2018)
  • English : God of Lost Fantasy / 太古神王 (Drama , 2018) 
  • English : Swire God / 太古神王 (Drama , 2018)
  • Director: Hu Chuxi (胡储玺), Chen Weixiang (陈伟祥)
  • Screenwriter:  Li Xuejing (李雪靓)
  • Producer: Lin Zhenghao (林正豪)
  • Author : Jing Wuhen (净无痕)
  • Novel : Tai Gu Shen Wang (太古神王)
  • Genre:  fantasy, romance
  • Episodes: 50 (45minutes)
  • Broadcast network: 
  • Filming locations : Shanghai, Beijing, United States
  • Production time : 2017
  • Broadcast time: 2018
  • Air time:


Qin Wentian (Sheng Yilun) , the adopted son of the Qin family, was born a weakling. The Qin family was forced to make a joint marriage with the Bai family. The Bai family however, had their sights on the royal family and broke the marriage agreement with the Qin family, even going after Qin Wentian’s life. Qin Wentian managed to escape and at the same time, met with huge changes in the royal family, with the third prince Yi Tianjiao taking the throne. The Qin family was accused of a crime and the whole clan was sentenced to death. Qin Wentian managed to escape and sneak into the palace, vowing to take down the culprit and rebuild Yi Country. Along the way, Qin Wentian made friends and joined the renowned martial arts sect, Jiu Hua Men. Coincidentally, he found out that the former crown prince, Yi Wuwei was hiding out in Jiu Hua Men. Along with the eldest granddaughter of the Mo family, Mo Qingcheng (Wang Ziwen) , Qin Wentian protected Yi Wuwei. Battling Yi Tianjiao’s coercion and his grandfather’s cunningness, Qin Wentian used his wisdom to overcome all sorts of challenges and finally helped the wise ruler, Yi Wuwei take back the throne. In the end, Qin Wentian did not go after fame and fortune but rather stayed in Jiu Hua Men with Mo Qingcheng and protected Yi Country. (Source : Wikipedia)


  • Sheng Yilun (盛一伦) as Qi Wentian (秦问天) 
  • Wang Ziwen (王子文) as Mo Qingcheng (莫倾城)
  • Jacky Heung (向佐) as Yi Wuwei (羿无为)
  • Tang Jingmei (汤晶媚) as Bai Qiuxue (白秋雪)
  • Huang Haibing (黄海冰) as Qin Chuan (秦川)
  • Chen Mengqi (陈孟奇) as Ye Wuque (叶无缺)
  • Chen Mengyao (陈梦瑶) as Bai Qing (白晴)
  • Lin Cheng (林澄) as Qin Yao (秦瑶)
  • Wu Peirou (吴佩柔) as Ruo Huan (若欢)
  • Yang Tun (杨暾 as Fan Le (凡乐)
  • Zhang Yao (张瑶)n as Mo Shang (莫伤)
  • Jerry Chang (常铖) as 暗夜妖皇帝西
  • Tse Kwan-Ho (谢君豪) as Ren Qianxing (任千行)
  • Jing Gangshan (景岗山) as Mo Tianlin (莫天霖)
  • Guo Kuanci (郭权赐)  as Ou Chen (欧辰)
  • Huang Zheng (黄征) as Yi Heng (羿横)
  • Liu Runnan (刘润南) as Yitianjao (羿天骄)
  • Qin Juanzhe (秦隽哲) as Qin He (秦河)


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