Monday, April 24, 2017

Psychologist (QQ , Tencent , 2017)

Psychologist (心理师) is a 2017 Chinese television series directed by An Senyang (安森阳) , starring
Qiao Zhenyu (乔振宇) and Tang Yixin (唐艺昕)


  • Drama : Psychologist / 心理师 (QQ , Tencent , 2017) 
  • Chinese : Xin Li Shi (心理师)
  • Aka : Double-Faced Psychologist (双面心理师) 
  • Director: An Senyang (安森阳)
  • Screenwriter: An Senyang (安森阳)
  • Producers: Zhou Yongcai (周永才), Li Eryun (李尔云)
  • Genre: mystery, thriller
  • Episodes: 18 ( 30 minutes)
  • Broadcast network: QQ , Tencent
  • Broadcast period: Apr 24 - May 09 , 2017


Tells the story of an experienced psychologist and hypnotist with a split personality (Qiao Zhenyu) and his alter-ego and potential love interest Ouyang Xin (Tang Yixin).


  • Qiao Zhenyu (乔振宇) as Xia Mu (夏木)
  • Tang Yixin (唐艺昕) as Ouyang Xin (欧阳欣)
  • Qi Ji ( 戚迹) as Gao Feng (高枫) 
  • Qu Yue (屈玥) as Nan Gongyun (南宫筠)
  • Li Chang (李昶) as Han Yang
  • Luan Junwei (栾浚威) as Li Jie (李杰) 
  • Bai Liuxi (白柳汐) as Qin Qing (秦清)
  • Wang Guodong (王国栋) as K
  • Zhang Renjie (张任杰) as Gu Yue (古越)
  • Zhang Yufeng (张煜枫) as Di Jie (狄杰)

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