Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tribes and Empires (Drama , 2017)

Tribes and Empires (九州·海上牧云记 )  is an upcoming Chinese television series directed by Cao Dun (曹盾), starring Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou


  • Drama : Tribes and Empires / 九州·海上牧云记 (Drama , 2017)
  • Chinese : Jiu Zhou · Hai Shang Mu Yun Ji
  • English title: Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy
  • Producer: Liang Chao (梁超), Ming Fei (明飞)
  • Director: Cao Dun (曹盾)
  • Screenwriter: Cao Dun (曹盾)  , Wei Jingna (魏京娜) , Tian Yanjuan (田妍娟)
  • Author : Jin Hezai (今何在)
  • Novel : Hai Shang Mu Yun Ji 
  • Genre: ancient costume , fantasy
  • Episodes: 80 (45 minutes)
  • Broadcast Period: 2017
  • Filming locations : Xinjiang, Xiangshan, Beijing, Nanjing, Japan


In twilight years of the Duan Dynasty, Sixth Prince Muyun Sheng (Huang Xuan) was born. Because his mother is a spirit, he is not loved by the Emperor, and lives in seclusion and loneliness. He happens to obtain an antique painting of a spirit demon and befriends the being trapped inside . Both promise to escape to the world’s most beautiful place. Muru Hanjiang (Shawn Dou), son of a general, was elected to be the prince’s friend since he was young. Their peaceful days end when the eight tribes rebel. The Muru army fails to protect the royal family and is then exiled, breaking the friendship formed between the two families – Muyun and Muru. A few years later, a new rebellion threatens the royal family and this time, adult Muru Hanjiang is the only one capable of protecting them. Pain and sorrows of past wounds now manifest in the new generation. (Source :


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