Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Glory of Tang Dynasty (Anhui TV , 2017)


The Glory of Tang Dynasty (大唐荣耀)  is a 2017 Chinese television series directed Liu Guonan (刘国楠) and Yin Tao (尹涛) , starring Jing Tian and Ren Jialun .


  • Drama : The Glory of Tang Dynasty / 大唐荣耀 (Anhui TV , 2017)
  • Chinese : Da Tang Rong Yao
  • Producer: Zhong Conghai (钟聪海)
  • Director: Liu Guonan (刘国楠) , Yin Tao (尹涛)
  • Writer: Liu Fang (刘芳), Li Huimin (李惠敏)
  • Author : Cang Ming-zhui (沧溟水)
  • Genre: ancient-costumed , history , period
  • Episodes: 60
  • Broadcast network: Anhui TV
  • Broadcast period: (January 29 , 2017)
  • Based on (novel): Da Tang Hou Fei Zhi Zhen Zhu Chuan Qi (大唐后妃传之珍珠传奇) 
  • Period Set : Tang dynasty (AD 618–907)


Shen (Jing Tian) married Prince Li Chu (future Emperor Taizong of Tang) during a devastating rebellion of An Lushan  against Tang Dynasty of China . An Lunshan forces were approaching Chang'an , forcing the Royal Family to flee to Chengdu . Consort Shen was left at Tang's capital , and finally captured by enemy , but she insist to protect her people.Li Chu finally recaptured the capital , but Shen refused to return to the palace . Shen knew that her status as a hostage would minimize her husband chance in the struggle for the throne. She was nowhere to be found when Tang force once again recaptured Luoyang .



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