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The Entangled Life of Qingluo (Drama , 2017)

The Entangled Life of Qingluo (蔓蔓青萝)  is a 2017 Chinese television series directed by Gao Yijun (高翊浚) , starring Yao Di and Qiao Zhenyu .


  • Drama: The Entangled Life of Qingluo / 蔓蔓青萝 (Drama , 2017)
  • Chinese : Man Man Qing Luo (蔓蔓青萝)
  • Director: Gao Yijun (高翊浚)
  • Writer : Shi Heran (史赫然), Long Long (隆龙), Zhao Xuewei (赵雪薇), Liang Yue (梁悦)
  • Author : Zhuang Zhuang (桩桩) (Novel)
  • Based on (novel) : Man Man Qing Luo (蔓蔓青萝) 
  • Genre: historical, romance
  • Episodes: 30 (45 minutes)
  • Broadcast network: TBA
  • Broadcast period: 2017


Based on  "Man Man Qing Luo" (Zhuang Zhuang), the story tells a 16 year old girl Li Qingluo (Yao Di) , 3rd daughter of Prime Minister and his 7nd wife from low social class . Qingluo is treated badly and unfairly , until the whole family gathers to test the talent of three daughters . Everyone anticipates Qingluo's failure , but surprise when she recites a famous Tang poem. Qingluo begins to study high culture , but she hides he skill so as to avoid being political-married of to a prince like her sisters.

Six years later , Qingluo participate at a flower viewing banquet ,  where the most elite bachelors are also said to be in attendance. Qingluo meets an accident at the river , and gradually gets romantically involved with 4th Prince Liu Fei 


  • Yao Di (姚笛) as Li Qingluo
  • Qiao Zhenyu (乔振宇) as Liu Fei / Chen Zili
  • --------------------------------
  • Zhu Jiaqi (朱嘉琦) as Liu Yu
  • Sun Jialin (孙嘉麟) as Liu Jian
  • Zhu Zanjin (朱赞锦) as Cheng Siyue 
  • Wei Yi (魏伊) as Li Qinglei , Qingluo's sister
  • Wang Yining (王艺凝) as Li Qingfei , Qingluo's sister
  • Zheng Yawen (郑雅文) as Wang Yanhui 
  • Kang Ning (康宁) as Gu Tianlin 
  • Xiao Yanbo (肖彦博) as Gu Tianxiang
  • Lin Jing (林静) as Yu Niang 
  • Yuan Fufu (袁福福)
  • Zhang Di (张笛)
  • Tse Kwan-Ho (谢君豪)
  • Jiang Kai (蒋凯)
  • Zhang Tong (张彤) as Queen
  • Chen Jingyang (陈景炀)
  • Yi Han (亦涵)
  • He Yongsheng (何涌生)


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