Monday, July 11, 2016

So Young (Dragon TV , 2016)


So Young (致青春)  is a 2016 Chinese romance television drama directed by Yang Wenjun (杨文军)


  • Drama : So Young / 致青春 (Dragon TV , 2016)
  • Chinese : Zhi Qing Chun / 致青春 (Dragon TV , 2016)
  • Director: Yang Wenjun (杨文军)
  • Producer : Wang Chen (王琛), Yuan Xiangyang (原向阳)
  • Writer: Sun Qi (孙琪), Wan Sida (苑思达)
  • Based on novel : Zhi Wo Men Zhong Jia Shi Qu De Qing Chun (致我们终将逝去的青春) by Xin Yiwu (辛夷坞)
  • Episodes :40
  • Broadcast Period : (July 11 , 2016)
  • Broadcast Network :Dragon TV
  • Genre : metropolitan, romance
  • Duration : 45 minutes (episode)
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


Zheng Wei (played by Chen Yao) follows her childhood sweetheart Lin Jing (Zhang Dan Feng) to college, only to have her heart broken when she learns that he went to study abroad without a notice. She then meets and falls for architecture student, Chen Xiao Zheng (Yang Le). Zhang Wei's hope for love blooms again until upon graduation, Xiao Zheng leaves her behind and chooses to go abroad to pursue his career. Years pass and both Lin Jing and Xiao Zheng return, hoping to reconcile with Zhang Wei. Whom will she choose the second time around? 'So Young' (致青春) is an upcoming Drama adaption of the 2013 Chinese hit movie of the same title. ( 








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