Friday, June 24, 2016

Three (2016 film)


Three (三人行) is a 2016 Chinese action-crime film directed by Johnnie To (杜琪峯) , starring Zhao Wei (赵薇) , Louis Koo (古天乐) and Wallace Chung (钟汉良).


  • Movie: Three (三人行) (2016)
  • Director: Johnnie To (杜琪峰)
  • ProducerJohnnie To (杜琪峰) , Yau Nai-Hoi (游乃海)
  • Writer : Yau Nai-Hoi (游乃海) , Lau Ho-Leung (刘浩良) , Mai Tianshu (麦天枢) 
  • Cinematography : Cheung Siu-Keung (郑兆强) 
  • Original Music :  Xavier Jamaux 
  • Production Designer : 
  • Art Direction : Bruce Yu (余家安)
  • Costume Design : 
  • Choreographer :  
  • Release Date: June 24 , 2016
  • Runtime:
  • Genre : action , crime
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


A thug is shot in the head by a cop due to miscommunication during an interrogation and is taken to the hospital. In the hospital, he claims human rights to refuse surgery to remove the bullet inside his head in order to bide time for his underlings to rescue him. The detective in charge sees through his scheme but decides to play along so as to capture his whole gang once and for all.



  • Production for Three began in Guangzhou in March 2015
  • The film was mainly shot in a hospital that was built by the props team
  • The film has grossed CN¥100.41 million in China.
  • Slated to be the closing film of the 2016 Taipei Film Festival on 10 July 2016.





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