Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hua Xuyin: City of Desperate Love - Recruiting! (SCTV , 2015)


Hua Xuyin: City of Desperate Love (华胥引之绝爱之城)  is a 2015 Chinese television series directed by Li Dachao (李达超), Tan Youye (谭友业) and Yu Min (于敏 )


  • Drama: Hua Xuyin: City of Desperate Love / 华胥引之绝爱之城 (SCTV , 2015)
  • Chinese : Hua Xu Yin Zhi Jue Ai Zhi Cheng
  • Directors: Li Dachao (李达超), Tan Youye (谭友业) , Yu Min (于敏 )
  • Original writing: Novel Jiu Zhou·Hua Xu Yin (九州·华胥引)
  • Screenwriters: Jie Yanyan (解嬿嬿), Zhang Haifan (张海帆), Tangqi Gongzi (唐七公子) (novel)
  • Genre: romance, fantasy
  • Broadcast network: SCTV
  • Episodes: 48
  • Broadcast period: (Jul 09 , 2015)


Adapted from the best-selling novel written by Tang Qi.  The story happened among three kingdoms and Yong’ an City, where a nobleman Mu Yan (Kevin Cheng) won the favor of the Princess of Kingdom Wei, Ye Zhen (Lin Yuan) who in the end committed suicide for the nation. Ye Zhen was then resurrected by Master Jun through a magic pearl sealing Hua Xu Yin with ability of weaving dream and taking over the life of the others. She turned herself into Jun Fu and manipulated the destiny with Hua Xu Yin while wandering around the Nine States for the assassination on King of Kingdom Chen (Ray Liu). Yu, wandering the land to avoid from scrambling for power. They came across again and fell in love upon destiny.


Story of Song Ning
Story of Ying Ge
  • Guo Zhenni (郭珍霓)  as Ying Ge / Jin Que
  • Bao Jianfeng (保剑锋) as Rong Yuan
  • He Gang (贺刚) as Rong Xun
  • Hou Jiange (侯健戈) as Eunuch Bo Yao
  • Ma Ke (马可)  as Wu Xiong
  • Zhang Han (张晗) as Lady Hongyu
Story of Murong An
  • Yang Rui (杨蕊) as Qin Ziyan
  • Bo Hong (博弘)   as Princess Yun, Jun Fu's teacher
  • Zhang Hao (张豪) as Qing Er
  • Zhang Zhihong (张志弘) as Cao Bin
  • Ray Lui (呂良偉) as old Su Heng
  • Zhang Heng (张恒) as old Liu Xinci
  • Tse Kwan-Ho (谢君豪) as old Ye Yuanxuan, Ye Zhen's father



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