Monday, July 21, 2014

Shen Zhen (Hunan TV , 2014)

Shen Zhen (深圳合租记)  is a 2014 Chinese television series directed by Lin Helong (林合隆) , starring Alan Luo , Mao Junjie and Qi Ji . 


  • Drama: Shen Zhen / 深圳合租记 (Hunan TV , 2014)
  • Chinese : Shen Zhen He Zu Ji
  • Aka:  Yi Na San Nv He Zu Ji (一男三女合租記) 
  • Aka 2 : One Man and Three Women's Roommate Diaries
  • Director: Lin Helong (林合隆)
  • Writer: Song Xiaojun (宋小君), Dai Riqiang (戴日强)
  • Producers: Dong Jun (董俊)
  • Genre: Modern drama
  • Episodes: 45
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: (Jul 21 ,  2014) 
  • Air time: Monday to Saturday 19:30
  • Based on : Gu Niang, Wo Men Yi Qi He Zu Ba by Song Xiao Jun (宋小君)


The plot revolves around a guy named Song Xiaolei (Show Luo) who just had a bad break up and lost his job. With the help of his friend Hua Qiang (Ao Quan), he decides to start a new life, including finding a new home. Xiao Lei somehow ends up living in an apartment with Hu Lili (Mao Junjie ), Li Meidai (Wu Yingjie), and Bai Jing Jing (Zheng Luoqian ), three girls with different personalities.(Source : Dramapot)



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