Saturday, May 24, 2014

If I Love You (Hunan TV , 2014)

If I Love You (如果我爱你)  is a 2014 Chinese television series directed by Xu Fujun (徐辅军) , starring Ming Dao , Li Qin , Hu Bing and Bianca Bai. 


  • Drama: If I Love You / 如果我爱你 (Hunan TV , 2014) 
  • Chinese : Ru Guo Wo Ai Ni
  • Aka : The Queen of SOP 3
  • Director : Xu Fujun (徐辅军) 
  • Writer : Shi Xiang (师翔)、Shang Yin (商隐) 、Wang Huan (王欢) 、Weng Haixin (翁海鑫)
  • Producer : Liu Yanming (刘燕铭)  
  • Genre: modern , romance
  • Episodes: 34 
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period:  (May 24) - (May 17 , 2014)
  • Air time: Mon to Sat 19:30 
  • Related TV shows: Successful Woman's Generation (Hunan TV , 2013) 
  • Filming locations : Shanghai (China) , Italy 


Adam Bell (Ming Dao (明道)) and his brother Su Wei (Di Jie (狄杰)) , and als his mother helped friends in Italy and jointly operate the winery. They participate in the Shanghai World English Wine Dealers and meet someone, they recognize him as a friend and Adam Bell invest in wineries, but his girlfriend love Adam Bell, but Adam did'nt think more. His friend is jealous of Adam Bell and harm Adam Bell, also buy grapes and make Adam Bell unemployment. (Synopsis from



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