Friday, April 4, 2014

Palace 3 - The Lost Daughter (Hunan TV , 2014)

Palace3:The Lost Daughter (宫锁连城)  is a 2014 Chinese television series directed by Zuo Xun (左勋) , starring Dai Jiaoqian, Yang Rong, Gao Yunxiang, Wang Renjun, Vicky Madina, Chen Xiao and Alyssa Chia


  • Drama : Palace 3:The Lost Daughter / 宫锁连城 (Hunan TV , 2014)
  • Chinese 1: Feng Huan Chao Zhi Lian Cheng (凤还巢之连城)
  • Chinese 2: Gong Suo Lian Cheng (宫锁连城)
  • Chinese 2 : Gong 3 (宫3) 
  • Aka :  Palace3:The Lost Daughter
  • Director : Li Huizhu (李慧珠) ,Deng Wei'en (邓伟恩),Wen Weiji (温伟基)
  • Writer: Yu Zheng (于正)
  • Producer: Yu Zheng (于正)
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: April 08, 2014
  • Genre : romance
  • Episodes: 63 (TV) / 44 (DVD)
  • Filming locations : Zhejiang (China) 
  • Period Set : Qing dynasty (AD 1644–1911)

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Lian Cheng (Yuan Shanshan) , a general's daughter who was exchanged at birth with a boy by her mother. Raised in the streets, Lian Cheng grows up into a happy-go-lucky, rough-and-tumble young woman. She meets and falls in love with the general's son, Fucha Hengtai (Lu Yi), not knowing the cruel fate that ties them together. Different from the first two series, Palace: The Lost Daughter moves away from the inner court to a general's mansion, and the lives and loves of a princess who marries into a noble family and a lost daughter who returns home. also co-star in the series. 



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