Monday, October 14, 2013

Beauties of the Emperor (Zhejiang TV , 2013)

Beauties of the Emperor (王的女人)  is a 2013 Chinese television series directed by Li Huizhu, and Cheng Zhichao (成志超) , starring Ming Dao , Chen Qiao'en , Luo Jin , Tian Liang, Tong Liya, Gino, Kelvin Li, Chen Xiao, Hu Jing, Fan Siu Wong and Chin Siu Ho.


  • Drama : Beauties of the Emperor / 王的女人 (Zhejiang TV , 2013)
  • Chinese : Wang De Nu Ren (王的女人)
  • Aka: Mei Ren Xin Ji Qian Zhuan(美人心计前传)
  • Screenwriter: Yu Zheng (于正)
  • Producer: Yu Zheng (于正)
  • Directors: Li Huizhu, Cheng Zhichao (成志超)
  • Genre: period drama , romance
  • Episodes: 32
  • Broadcast networks: Zhejiang TV, Shenzhen TV, Shanxi TV
  • Broadcast period : October 14 , 2013
  • Air time: 19:30
  • Period set : Qin dynasty (221–206 BC) , Han dynasty (202 BC–AD 220)


Beauties of the Emperor approaches the much-romanticized conflict, appropriately enough, from a romance angle, using the tumultuous relationships of the two emperors and the most important women in their lifetimes of war and upheaval to retell one of the most famous stories of Chinese history. Ming Dao leads the blockbuster production in the Xiang Yu role, while Joe Chen co-stars as Empress Lu Zhi and Kym as Concubine Qi. Luo Jin (Schemes of a Beauty) is Xiang Yu's nemesis Liu Bang, and Yuan Shanshan (Swordsman) his faithful concubine of legendary beauty, Yu Ji. Other cast members include Olympic diver-turned-actor



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