Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gorgeous (Hunan TV , 2013)

Gorgeous (华丽一族)  is a 2013 Chinese television series directed by Tsang Lai-chun and Wang Liwen (王丽文) , starring Godfrey Gao , Shera Li and Li Xueqing. 


  • Drama : Gorgeous / 华丽一族 (Hunan TV , 2013)
  • Chinese : Hua Li Yi Zu (華麗一族)
  • Producers: Liu Wen Wu (刘文武)
  • Director: Tsang Lai-chun, Wang Liwen (王丽文)
  • Screenwriter: Hu Yiyan (胡一言), Chen Shuo (陈烁)
  • Genre: Modern , Romance
  • Episodes: 24 (Hunan TV version)
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: March 02 , 2013
  • Air time: Sat and Sun 22:00


Song Jiaoyang (Li Xinru) is a talented student studying fashion design when she accidentally becomes a supermodel. While learning the ropes of the modeling industry, she gets to know Li Zhen (Godfrey Gao) and Zhao Yutian (Li Xueqing). Zhao Yutian is an experienced model who is very strict with Jiao Yang, but seems to secretly have feelings for her. Li Zhen is very kind to and supportive of Jiao Yang, but is keeping his past and background secret. Because his family doesn’t acknowledge him, Li Zhen becomes vengeful and loses his kind nature. Now, he will stop at nothing to get revenge, including exploiting his relationship with Song Jiaoyang.   


Theme Song

  • Hua Li Zhan Chang (华丽战场) -  Li Xinru
  • Xin Shang (欣赏) -  Li Xinru
  • Wu Sheng Dian Ying (无声电影) -  Cui Yan 
  • Ji Mo Lai Le Zen Me Ban (寂寞来了怎么办) -  Kenji Wu
  • Good Luck - Kenji Wu


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