Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home 1945 (ZJSTV , PTS , 2012)

Home 1945 (回家)  is a 2012 Chinese television series directed by Meng Ji and Li Ziping (林子平) , starring Vic Chou , Wang Xueqi and Li Liren 


  • Drama : Home / 回家 (ZJSTV , PTS , 2012)
  • Chinese : Hui Jia (回家)  , Bi An 1945 (彼岸1945)
  • Aka :  Tai Ping Lun 1949  (太平轮1949)
  • Producer: Liu Weici (刘玮慈) , Chen Qiming (陈启铭), Chen Hongyuan (陈鸿元)
  • Director: Meng Ji, Li Ziping (林子平)
  • Writer: Huang Shiming 黄世鸣, Liu Weici (刘玮慈), Zeng Xianzhang (曾显章), Liu Ruixuan (刘蕊瑄)
  • Genre: Historical, war
  • Episodes: 34
  • Broadcast network: ZJSTV , PTS
  • Broadcast period: November 08 , 2012
  • Period set : Sino-Japanese War 2 (1937-1945)


During Sino-Japanese War II , Taiwanese medic Su Taiying (Vic Chou) was conscripted into the Japanese army along with his older brother (Li Liren). Sent to the battlefield in Mainland China as an army doctor, Tai Ying struggles to hold onto his humanity amid the brutality of war and treats both Japanese and Chinese soldiers. After Japan surrenders, he is captured as a Japanese POW. A Chinese general (Wang Xueqi) whom Tai Ying saved before, however, returns the favor and breaks rules to free him. Tai Ying is determined to return to Taiwan, where his family awaits unaware of his fate, but the road home is long and treacherous...


Theme Song

  • Xiang Yi Ge Ren (想一个人)  (Instrumental)
  • Hui Bu Qu De Shi Guang (回不去的時光) by Harlem Yu
  • Xiang Yi Ge Ren (想一个人)  by Zhang Jing (张京)
  • Zhi You Yue Liang Quan Kan Jian (只有月亮全看見) by Lego Li
  • Tiao Wu Shi Dai (跳舞時代) by Huang Fei
  • Yue Ye Chou (月夜愁) by Huang Yi Ling
  • He Re Jun Zai Lai (何日君再來) by Claire Kuo


  • 2013 Golden Bell Awards Award: Best Television Series
  • 2013 Golden Bell Awards Award: Best Actor(Vic Zhou)
  • 2013 Golden Bell Awards Award: Best Supporting Actor (Li Li Ren)


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