Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Watchful Sky (Hunan TV , 2012)

The Watchful Sky (守望的天空)  is a 2012 Chinese television series directed by Lu Jiang (陆江), starring Li Qin , Lin Shen and Winston Chao


  • Drama : The Watchful Sky / 守望的天空 (Hunan TV , 2012)
  • Chinese : Shou Wang De Tian Kong (守望的天空)
  • Screenwriter: Pei Wen (裴文)
  • Producers: Lin Zi (林子), Li Li (李黎)
  • Director: Lu Jiang (陆江)
  • Genre: Family, human drama
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: March 14 , 2012
  • Air time: 19:30


Yuan Xin's father abandoned the family when she was 6 due his inability to come to terms with having an autistic son. After her mother's death when she was 23, Yuan Xin bravely takes on the responsibility of caring for her older brother as they face all kinds of trials and tribulations.


  • Li Qin (李沁) as Yuan Xin , Pu Tao
  • Winston Chao (赵文瑄)  as Yuan Weiguo , Pu Tao's father
  • Lin Shen (林申) as Mo Li 
  • Wang Lin (王琳) as Mo Huiya
  • Li Yan (李艳) as Han Peijia
  • Zhao Zixuan (赵紫萱) as Xiao Yuanxin , Pu Tao's sister
  • Zhang Huan (张欢) as Yuan Wang  , Pu Tao's brother
  • Kan Qingzi (阚清子) as Lu Xiaolu
  • Sa Rina (萨日娜) as Zhang Xiu Ying , Pu Tao's mother in-law
  • Wang Yu (王宇) as Lu Dazhi , Pu Tao's husband
  • Wang Yizhu (王乙竹)  as Shen Xiuyi  , Pu Tao's mother
  • Li Li (李黎) as Yuan Xin's teacher
  • Wang Kexin (王可昕) as young Yuan Xin


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