Friday, March 2, 2012

Qian Xuesen (2012)


Qian Xuesen (钱学森) is a 2012 Chinese biopics film directed by Zhang Jianya (张建亚)


  • Movie : Qian Xuesen / 钱学森 (2012)
  • Director : Zhang Jianya (张建亚)
  • Producer : Huang Jianxin (黄建新), Zuo Ruibei (左润北)
  • Writer : Chen Huaiguo (陈怀国) , Sun Yi’an (孙毅安) , Tao Chun (陶纯)
  • Cinematographer : Zhi Lei (智磊 )
  • Original Music :
  • Production Design :
  • Costume Design :
  • Release Date : March 2 , 2012
  • Runtime : 98 min
  • Genre : Drama , Biopics
  • Distributor :
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Country : China
  • Official website :
  • Budget :  –
  • Box Office : –


In 1947, China was hit by the civil war between the Nationalists against the Communists. Qian Xuesen (Chen Kun)  has long worked in the United States, became a professor and advisor to the USAF for jet propulsion technology.Qian married his childhood  friend, opera singer Jiang Ying (Zhang Yuqi). Soon the couple was granted a son, named Qian Yonggang in Boston. The young couple settled in Pasadena where Qian became director of Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Center.Tragically, Qian accused of being Communist spies in the United States and eventually jailed. Once free, Qian decided to return to the land of his ancestors, China. Party USA became anxious because Qian is an expert on military technology. Qian freedom must be redeemed by 11 American POW who was captured in the Korean War. Since it was important in a mission Qian ancestral land, which is developing a missile program which culminated in tests first nuclear missile in 1966.










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