Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Choice (Hunan TV , 2012)

No Choice (醉玲珑)  is a 2012 Chinese television series directed by Lan Shaoyin (兰少寅) , starring Ren Chengwei , Stephanie Hsiao , Yang Shuquan and Wallace Chung. 


  • Drama : No Choice / 别无选择 (Hunan TV , 2012)
  • Chinese : Bie Wu Xuan Ze (别无选择)
  • Aka : Have No Choice But To
  • Aka : The Way of No Return / Zui Hong Cheng (醉红尘)
  • Director: Lan Shaoyin (兰少寅)
  • Writer: Yang Xiaoyun (杨晓云), Lan Shaoyin (兰少寅)
  • Genre: war, romance
  • Episodes: 32 (45 minutes)
  • Broadcast period: March 28, 2012
  • Broadcast Network : Hunan TV 
  • Period Set : Qing dynasty (AD 1644–1911), Republic of China (1912-1949)


Cheng Mengfei (Ren Chengwei ) falls in love with Lin Yi (Stephanie Hsiao) , who turns out to be the daughter of a rival family. Their ill-fated union results in Cheng Mengfei's imprisonment, and Lin Yi ends up marrying rich businessman Qi Deshi (Yang Shuquan) while pregnant with Mengfei's child. Ten months later, Qi Tianbai (Wallace Chung)  is born. After the establishment of Min Guo, Deshi's overbearing ways arouses displeasure from government officials, who order the killing of his entire family. The dispatched assassin turns out to be none other than the recently released Mengfei.



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