Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Michelin Kitchen (Anhui TV , CTV , 2012)

Happy Michelin Kitchen (幸福三颗星)  is a 2012 Chinese television series directed by Lin Ziping (林子平) , starring Lan Chenglong and Cheryl Yang.


  • Drama: Happy Michelin Kitchen / 幸福三颗星 (Anhui TV , CTV , 2012)
  • Chinese : Xing Fu San Ke Xing (幸福三颗星)
  • Screenwriter: Chen Peiyin (陈佩吟)
  • Director: Lin Ziping (林子平)
  • Producers: Luo Faping (罗法平), Chen Yanping (陈燕萍)
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 32 (China) / 22 (Taiwan)
  • Broadcast network: Anhui TV / CTV
  • Broadcast period: January 23 , 2012
  • Related Show: Happy & Love Forever, Sunny Happiness
  • Filming locations : Taipei , Shanghai


Unruly rich kid An Shaocheng (Lan Zhenglong) is the only son of dining mogul Xiao Qing (Lu Yiching). Determined to prepare Shaocheng to succeed her restaurant empire, the matriarch hatches a most radical scheme to spur her spoiled son on to grow up - by faking her death! But her seemingly perfect plan goes awry, leaving the family business in jeopardy! Without his mother's protection, the prince is reduced to a pauper overnight. Fortunately for him, he is befriended by Xin Duoduo (Cheryl Yang) in the most distressed time of his life. Looking modest and ordinary, Duoduo is nonetheless a gifted chef-in-training, the key to Shaocheng's fight back to glory, and even his potential love interest when he realizes that Duoduo is actually a girl!


  • Lan Zhenglong (蓝正龙) as An Shaocheng 
  • Cheryl Yang (杨谨华) as Xin Duoduo 
  • Li Jinming (李金铭) as Li Ruzhen 
  • Wu Jianfei (吴建飞) as Gu Dapeng 
  • Ying Er (颖儿) as Zhou Jiaqi 
  • Li Zhinan (李智楠)  as Ding Weigang 
  • Liu Chao (刘超) as Ding Weiming
  • Lu Yiching (陸弈靜) as Xiao Qing 
  • Li Shengrong (李勝榮) as Li Yi Yang 
  • Xu Zhihe (徐志賀) as Xiao Qiang 
  • Fan Xiaopo (范小波) as Lu Meici 
  • Zhou Daqing (周大慶) as Zhou Jing 
  • Yan Jingyao (嚴景瑤) as Ye Minfang 
  • Dong Zhicheng (董至成) as Na Baichuang 
  • Chen Youfang (陈幼芳) as Zeng Cuihua 
  • Zhuge Ziqi (诸葛梓岐) as Wen Caishan
  • An Dongni (安東尼) as Tao Zheming
  • Chanel Wang (王承嫣) as Meng Xiao Fei 
  • Abe Tsuyoshi (阿部力)  as store manager
  • Lu Jiaxing as Song Xinxin 
  • Ming Dao (明道) as Yi Dingqiang 
  • Annie Chen (陈庭妮) as Pan Xiaonuo 
  • Mike He (贺军翔) as Xiang Yujie 
  • Janine Chang (张钧宁) as Fang Yongyong 
  • Li Yifeng (李易峰) as Xiang Yuchao


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