Friday, September 23, 2011

The Purple House (2011 film)


The Purple House (紫宅) is a 2011 Chinese romance-thriller film directed by Poon Hang-Sang (潘恒生)


  • Movie: The Purple House / 紫宅 (2011)
  • Director: Poon Hang-Sang (潘恒生)
  • Producer: Samm Chen , Aven Chow
  • Writer: Mai Yaoquan (麦耀权)
  • Cinematographer : Zhen Pan
  • Art Director : John Hau (侯献岳)
  • Original Music : Luo Junlin (罗俊霖)
  • Costume Design : Hou Yongcai
  • Release Date : September 23 , 2011
  • Runtime : 93 min
  • Genre : Romance , Thriller 
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


Young designer Li Yi (Jiro Wang) is in love with Zhou Tong (Tong Liya) who has returned from living outside China. The young couple agreed to marry in the next three months. After that Zhou Tong received the news of her father’s lawyer, Hu (Tong Chenjie), that he inherited her father’s home and had to go back to Suzhou to sign the document. Zhou Tong with Li Yi returned to Suzhou. In her home, there is still a stepmother Ye Yuting (Xu Yulan), her half-brother Ye An (Zhong Kai) and a private nurse Shen Lu (He Jingjing). The stepfamily was not fair that Zhou Tong was the one who got the inheritance. Zhou Tong continues to suffer from nightmares, but always comforted by the presence of Li Yi. She began to suspect that Li Yi and Shi Yu (Xiao Yuyu)  had an affair behind her back.










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