Thursday, September 15, 2011

72 Heroes (2011 film)


72 Heroes (英雄喋血) is a 2011 Chinese historical-war film directed by Derek Chiu Sung-Kee (赵崇基)


  • Movie: 72 Heroes / 英雄喋血 (2011)
  • Chinese : Ying Xiong Die Xue / 英雄喋血
  • Director: Derek Chiu Sung-Kee (赵崇基)
  • Producer: Wang Jiancheng (王建成)
  • Writer: Wang Mei (王梅)
  • Cinematographer : Fung Yuen-Man (冯远文)
  • Choreographer :
  • Art Director : Fok Tat-Wah (霍达华)
  • Costume Design : Ng Po-Ling (吴宝玲)
  • Release Date : September 15 , 2011
  • Runtime : 109 min
  • Genre : Drama , War , History
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China , Hong Kong


The same destination of people is death. But the difference is the way to die. In 1990, the revolutionary predecessors in Guangzhou start their journey to overthrow the dominant position of Qing government, with made tunnel and exploded the praetorium under the leader of Shijianru. In 1911, Gaofengfu poulticed an assassination, to kill managing director of navy. Meanwhile, Pandawei was hemmed in by the enemy with a full box of weapons. The Huanghuagang uprising had been started of them, both in high positions in the League. They drawn somebody in, smuggled of weapons, fighted with government by strategy. They made a legend that nothing is possible to stop their against, with Luozhonghuo, Huangxin, Linwen, Linjuemin and Yupeilun. 







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