Friday, April 8, 2011

The Law Of Attraction (2011 film)


The Law Of Attraction (万有引力) is a 2011 Chinese romance-comedy-mystery film directed by Zhao Tianyu (赵天宇)


  • Movie: The Law Of Attraction / 万有引力 (2011)
  • Chinese : Wan You Yin Li / 万有引力
  • Director: Zhao Tianyu (赵天宇)
  • Producer:
  • Writer:
  • Cinematographer : Cao Yu (曹郁)
  • Choreographer : Bruce Law (罗礼贤) , Tung Wei (董玮)
  • Art Director : Hao Yi (郝艺)
  • Original Music :
  • Production Design :
  • Costume Design :
  • Release Date : April 08 , 2011
  • Runtime : 97 min
  • Genre : Romance , Mystery , Comedy
  • Distributor:
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China
  • Official website :
  • Budget :  –
  • Box Office : –


The film revolves around four separate stories, which delve into different aspects of love. For three years, Gao Yuan (Wen Zhang), an accountant in an oil company, on the same flight every week to Yulin with an important contract. One day , he’s delayed during the security check by a young officer, Shi Xiaolin (Bai Baihe ). Gao Yuan missing his flight and berates Xiaolin for ruining his career. Xiaolin apologises and helps Gao Yuan get on a flight to Xi’an instead, from where he can catch a coach, but that flight is then delayed by bad weather. The two end up having lunch together, during which she suddenly reveals she knows an awful lot about him.
Giving Birth 造人 : Mathematics professor Wang Yong (Guo Tao) and Xuelian (Zhang Jingchu) are a happily married couple in their 30s but childless. After her sister gives birth, Xuelian decides she and Wang Yong must approach their problem scientifically, by living for three months on super-healthy food and then timing intercourse to the exact moment when she’s ovulating.
Derailment 出軌 : Married lovers Mei (Karen Mok) and Wang Yao – colleagues at work – are injured in a car accident one evening and Wang Yao is hospitalised in a critical condition. Mei’s husband Zhou Yunshan (Leon Dai), apparently unaware of her infidelity, is very understanding and Mei becomes more and more wracked by guilt as she realises she betrayed his love.
Rebirth 重生 : Young Jiaxin (Huang Huan) is released from Rehabilitation Centre and met outside by her boyfriend Song Haiqiao (Duan Bowen), with whom she stays when her father bawls her out. Both are members of a skydiving team but Jiaxin is about to be replaced due to her drug habit. Haiqiao tries to conquer her suicidal depression, and finally comes up with a unique solution.










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