Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Incredible (2011 film)


Mr. & Mrs. Incredible (神奇侠侣) is a 2011 Chinese mystery film directed by Vincent Kok (谷德昭) , starring Louis Koo (古天乐) and Sandra Ng (吴君如)


  • Movie: Mr. & Mrs. Incredible / 神奇侠侣 (2011)
  • Chinese : San Kei Hap Lui / Shen Qi Xia Lv
  • DirectorVincent Kok (谷德昭)
  • ProducerPeter Chan (陈可辛) , David Chan , Peter Tsi (戚家基)
  • WriterVincent Kok (谷德昭), Fung Minhun (冯勉恒)
  • Cinematographer : Peter Ngor (敖志君)
  • Choreographer :
  • Art Director : Cyrus Ho (何剑雄 )
  • Original Music : Raymond Wong (黄英华)
  • Production Design : Hai Chung-Man (奚仲文)
  • Costume Design : Hai Chung-Man (奚仲文)
  • Release Date : February 03 , 2011
  • Runtime : 100 min
  • Genre : Comedy 
  • Distributor: Lark Film Distribution
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China , Hong Kong


A crime-fighting couple retires to a secluded Chinese village to enjoy the quiet life, and find the flame of passion growing dim until a martial arts contest comes to town in this high-flying action comedy. Once upon a time, Gazer Warrior (Louis Koo) and Aroma Woman (Sandra Ng) used their super-powered senses to clean up the streets. But these days, all the heroic couple wants is a little peace and quiet. Retreating to a quaint feudal village, they soon settle into a comfortable routine that has a deadening effect on Gazer's sex drive. Just when it begins to look as if the once-happy couple will never be intimate again , a fighting competition comes to town and Gazer catches a glimpse of pretty fan Phoenix Bleu (Li Qin).When Aroma sees a familiar sparkle in her husband's eyes, she realizes the time has come to inject some excitement into their retirement, and reawaken his dormant libido.









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