Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventure of The King (2010 film)


Adventure of The King (龙凤店) is a 2010 Chinese romance-comedy film directed by Chung Shu-Kai (钟澍佳)


  • MovieAdventure of The King / 龙凤店 (2010)
  • Chinese : Long Feng Dian / Lung Fung Dim / 龙凤店
  • Director: Chung Shu-Kai (钟澍佳)
  • Producer: Jimmy Heung (向华胜) , Ying Zi (樱子)
  • Writer: Tsang Kan-Cheung (曾谨昌) , Chan Man-Keung (陈文强) , Lee Si-Cheun
  • Cinematographer : Chan Chi-Ying (陈志英) , Tony Cheung (张东亮) 
  • Choreographer : Dion Lam (林迪安)
  • Art Director : Lee King-Man (李景文)
  • Original Music :
  • Production Design :
  • Costume Design : Shirley Chan (陈顾方)
  • Release Date : August 19 , 2010
  • Runtime : 110 min
  • Genre : Romance , Comedy
  • Distributor:
  • Language: Cantonese , Mandarin
  • Country:  Hong Kong


The young Zhu Yuan-Zhao, called Emperor Zhengde during the era of the same name during the Ming Dynasty, was given to great indulgence. He needed to be entertained at some point during every day, otherwise he would become depressed and unable to perform his civic duties. Concerned only for his happiness, his mother the Empress Dowager ordered the construction of a mock "commoner's street" within the confines of the palace purely for his amusement. One day, the emperor returns to this pretend street, filled with officials from both civil and military ranks, each playing such roles as street vendors, city dwellers, traveling entertainers, and the like, all of them very much worried that the boy would not enjoy himself. As usual, the young monarch was looking forward to the little excursion, but hadn't counted on the weird and obnoxious Princess Chang Ci also coming along. With no real choice in the matter, he has to just accept it and the two go into the street together.









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