Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jalainur (2009 film)


Jalainur / Zha lai nuo er (扎赉诺尔) is a 2009 Chinese drama film directed by Zhao Ye (赵晔)


  • Movie: Jalainur / 扎赉诺尔 (2009)
  • Chinese : Zha lai nuo er / 扎赉诺尔 (2009)
  • Director: Zhao Ye (赵晔)
  • Producer: Zhao Ye (赵晔) , Helen Cui
  • Writer: Zhao Ye (赵晔)
  • Release Date : October 24 , 2008
  • Runtime : 93 min
  • Genre : Drama , Thriller , Action 
  • Distributor:
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


Zhu Youxiang is an engine driver of a steam locomotive in Jalainur, a village in the coal mine region of inner Mongolia, who retires from his job and sets out in search of his daughter living near the borders of China and Russia. When Zhu Youxiang¡'s assistant Li Zhizhong hears of this, he follows Zhu Youxiang. Once Jalainur stops functioning as a coal mine, the miners will disperse and the locomotive will soon be useless. In his twilight years, Zhu Youxiang has worked for 30 years at his job and will soon have to say farewell to his assistant Li Zhizhong as well. (



  • Director (and writer) Zhao Ye has produced a stunning work. It is slow, there is no doubt, elegiac even, and because of this it will not be to all tastes. For those who enjoy contemplative cinema, however, it is a triumph. (


  • Winner of the FIPRECI Award at the 2008 Pusan International Film Festival.
  • Zhao Ye Winner for the 2008 Busan International Film Festival for FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Award






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