Friday, September 11, 2009

Dada's Dance (2009 film)


Dada's Dance (达达) is a 2009 Chinese drama film directed by leading sixth generation director Zhang Yuan (张元)


  • Movie: Dada's Dance / 达达 (2009)
  • Director: Zhang Yuan (张元)
  • Producer: Zhang Yuan (张元)
  • Writer: Li Xiaofeng (李霄峰) , Li Xinyun (李昕芸) , Jia Lisha (贾丽莎) , Zhang Yuan (张元)
  • Cinematographer : Zhang Jian (张健)
  • Art Director : Pang Chao
  • Original Music : Andrea Guerra
  • Production Design : Huang Ziming
  • Costume Design :
  • Release Date : September 11 , 2009
  • Runtime : 90 min
  • Genre : Drama
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


'When she returns to the city, things take a turn for the worse as Dada puts into motion a sequence ofDada' (Li Xinyun) is a young woman living in an unnamed central China city (filming took place in Wuhan) with her divorced mother (Gai Ke) and her mother's leering boyfriend (Wu Lanhui). Her neighbor, Zhao Ye (Li Xiaofeng) spies on her through her open window each morning as she dances to salsa music and gets ready for the day. Dada, knowing of his crush, teases him mercilessly.
Dada spends much of her time avoiding the crude passes made by her mother's boyfriend. During one of these episodes, an argument occurs and her mother's boyfriend falsely claims that Dada was adopted. Armed with this information, she drags Zhao Ye and heads south to a small village where she meets a woman who could be her birth mother. (Source : Wikipedia)


  • Li Xinyun (李昕芸)
  • Li Xiaofeng (李霄峰)
  • Gai Ke (盖克)
  • ----------------------
  • Liu Yi (刘艺)
  • Chen Qiang (陈强) 
  • Zhao Tao (赵涛) 
  • ----------------------
  • Wu Lanhui , Chen Yuzheng , Ding Fan , Uncle Du , Hu Qiaoying , Liu Aibao , Lu Jianzhong , Mo Xiaotian , Song Liping , Wang Aihua , Wang Xiumei , Zhao Gang , Zhao Xuehan








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