Friday, August 21, 2009

Empire of Silver (2009 film)


Empire of Silver (白银帝国) is a 2009 Chinese history film directed by Christina Yao (姚树华) , starring Aaron Kwok and Hao Lei .


  • Movie: Empire of Silver / 白银帝国 (2009)
  • Also known as : The Silver Valley
  • Chinese : Baiyin Diguo / 白银帝国
  • Director: Christina Yao (姚树华)
  • Producer: Peggy Chiao (焦雄屏) , Zhang Zhenyan (张震燕 ) , Han Sanping (韩三平), Yu Dong (于冬), Han Xiaoli (韩晓黎) , Jiang Tao (姜涛) , Shi Dong-Ming (史东明)
  • Writer: Christina Yao (姚树华) , Cheng Yi (成一)
  • Cinematographer : Anthony Pun (潘耀明)
  • Choreographer :
  • Art Director : Christina Yao (姚树华)
  • Original Music : Su Cong (苏聪) , Lin Hai (林海)
  • Production Design : Hai Chung-Man (奚仲文) , William Chang (張叔平)
  • Costume Design : Hai Chung-Man (奚仲文) , Jessie Dai (戴美玲) , Wen Runling (文润玲) , Tan Meiqun (谭美群)
  • Release Date : August 21 , 2009
  • Runtime : 116 min
  • Genre : Drama , Historical 
  • Distributor: Edko Films
  • Language: Mandarin , English
  • Country: China
  • Official website :
  • Budget :  –
  • Box Office : –


China, 1899. In a land of exquisite beauty and timeless tradition a young man known as 'Third Master' is the heir to a banking fortune he cares little about. However, after his brother's wife is kidnapped he reluctantly submits to the pressure of his titles and his father, Lord Kang. Lord Kang is determined to prepare his son for financial leadership by molding Third Master into his own image. But the strong-willed businessman's methods do not sit well with Third Master, who sees the salvation of his business in following the righteous path of his ancestors. Third Master and Lord Kang's tense relationship is further complicated by the son's feelings for his beautiful young stepmother - his first and only love - stolen from him by his own father. The fate of the banking empire and its most powerful family now lies with one idealistic young man torn between the needs of the people, the duty to his family and the undying love of a woman. 



  • "A self-assured debut film...Epic in scale and intimate in focus" --Marshall Fine, The Huffington Post
  • Epic in sweep...packs enough incident to cover two 'Godfather' movies --Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
  • "Engaging tale of banking and bad behavior makes 19th Century China look uncomfortably like 21st-century America" --Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times 







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