Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Silver Medalist (2009 film)


Silver Medalist (疯狂的赛车) is a 2009 Chinese comedy film directed by Ning Hao (宁浩)


  • Movie: Silver Medalist / 疯狂的赛车 (2009)
  • Chinese : Feng Kuang De Sai Che / 疯狂的赛车
  • Also known as : Crazy Racer / 疯狂的赛车 (2009)
  • Director: Ning Hao (宁浩)
  • Producer: Peter Lam (林建岳), Han Sanping (韩三平), Zhang Guoli (张国立) , Zhang Yu (张宇)
  • Writer: Ning Hao (宁浩), Wang Yao (王要) , Zhou Zhiyong (周智勇) , Cui Siwei (崔斯韦) , Xing Aina (邢爱娜) , Yue Xiaojun (岳小军) , Zhang Cheng (张承) , Wang Hongwei (王红卫)
  • Cinematographer : Chan Chi-Ying (陈志英) , Du Jie (杜杰)
  • Choreographer :
  • Art Director : Zhang Xiaobing (张晓兵) , Shen Xiaoyong (申晓勇)
  • Original Music : Tong Dongdong (董冬冬) , Ma Shangyou (马上又) , Evan Chan
  • Production Design :
  • Costume Design :
  • Release Date : January 20 , 2009
  • Runtime : 99 min
  • Genre : Action , Adventure , Comedy 
  • Distributor:
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


The plot follows four seemingly separate stories that intersect and converge at points throughout the movie. It begins with the protagonist, Geng Hao losing first place in a cycling race and subsequently being tricked into sponsoring an energy drink containing illegal performance-enhancing substances by corrupt businessman Li Fala which causes him to forfeit the winnings from his silver medal. Disgraced and outlawed from ever participating again in the sport, Geng Hao's coach suffers from a heart attack, prompting Geng Hao to seek retribution from Li Fala, who he believes is the cause. In the process of obtaining the money for his coach's funeral, Geng Hao crosses the paths of local criminals, perpetually confused policemen and Taiwanese gangsters. (Wikipedia)









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