Monday, December 29, 2008

Bird's Nest (2008 film)


Bird's Nest  (鸟巢) is a 2008 Chinese family film directed by Ning Jingwu (宁敬武) , starring Gun Shengdiu , Gun Xiumei and Jin Jinshuai.


  • Movie: Bird's Nest / 鸟巢 (2008)
  • Director: Ning Jingwu (宁敬武)
  • Writer: Ning Jingwu (宁敬武)
  • Release Date : June 17 , 2008
  • Runtime : 93 min
  • Genre : family
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


The film takes place in a Miao Village in Guizhou Province with a beautiful natural landscape. A letter breaks the quiet lives of the children there. Jia Xiangma's father says in the letter that he is busy building the Bird's Nest in Beijing, but his friends don't believe him. The villagers even don't know what the Bird's Nest is used for. The elderly people are busy showing off, while the businessmen connect it with coffee advertising. Only Xiangma trusts his father and makes up his mind to see the Bird's Nest with his own eyes. Xiangma and his friends go cut trees to buy the train ticket, but they soon find that it is impossible to make enough money. Xiangma instead finds a way to sell the town's rice wine and earns enough money to go to Beijing. With the blessing of the villagers, Xiangma sets off to see his father and the Bird's Nest. Xiangma accidentally stumbles into the marathon and wins with his bare feet. (Source : China Radio International)


  • Gun Shengdiu (滚生丢) 
  • Jin Jinshuai (贾金甩) 
  • Gun Xiumei (滚秀梅)








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