Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fit Lover (2008 film)


Fit Lover (爱呼2:爱情左右) is a 2008 Chinese romance-comedy film directed by Zhang Jianya (张建亚)


  • Movie: Fit Lover / 爱呼2:爱情左右 (2008)
  • Director: Zhang Jianya (张建亚)
  • Producer: Han Sanping (韩三平), Sun Jianjun (孙健君), Ren Zhonglun (任仲伦)
  • Writer: Yi Ding (一丁) , Li Wei (李唯) , Jiang Shan , Liu Hai , Pang Pang , Shu Huan , Sun Pingyang , Tao Sixuan , Yi Nengjing.
  • Cinematographer : Zhi Lei (智磊)
  • Choreographer :
  • Art Director : Yu Qiang (余强)
  • Original Music : Tan Yizhe (谭伊哲) , Qin Tian (秦天)
  • Production Design :
  • Costume Design :
  • Release Date : October 24 , 2008
  • Runtime : 93 min
  • Genre : romance , comedy
  • Distributor:
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


Nie Sing is the host of a popular TV love talk show. Beautiful, elegent and sensible, she appears on screen as a love expert who can make sense out of the audience's love problems. However off screen, she is unable to find a man she likes in real life. On Her 30th birthday, she wakes up from a terrible nightmare. In it she was surrounded by her nagging mother and attacked viciously by the man who once wooed her. But worst of all, she met the new girlfriend of her divored father who turned out to be her primary schoolmate! is this supposed to be the beginning of the horrible fate of a 30-year-old woman? Fortunately for her, she meets an Angel on this day. The Angel offers her an amazing car and tells her she would have 12 chances. Whenever she comes to a turn on the road, if she could signal left and keep to the right, she would meet a different man each time. 12 different types of man! There is sound to be one suitable for me, Nie thinks. Not quite selieving it totally, she starts the amazing journey of looking for love..... 









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