Friday, October 24, 2008

Super Typhoon (2008)


Super Typhoon (超强台风) is a 2008 Chinese action-thriller film directed by Feng Xiaoning (冯小宁)


  • Movie: Super Typhoon / 超强台风 (2008)
  • Chinese : Chao Qiang Tai Feng / 超强台风
  • Director: Feng Xiaoning (冯小宁)
  • Producer:
  • Writer: Feng Xiaoning (冯小宁) , Xu Haibin (徐海滨) , Su Xiaowei (苏小卫) , Zheng Jie (郑杰)
  • Cinematographer :
  • Choreographer :
  • Art Director : Feng Xiaoning (冯小宁)
  • Original Music :
  • Production Design :
  • Costume Design :
  • Release Date : October 24 , 2008
  • Runtime : 93 min
  • Genre : Drama , Thriller , Action 
  • Distributor:
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


A mammoth storm threatens to level a major city in this thriller advertised as China's first disaster movie. Xu (Wu Gang) is the mayor of a large city off the south coast of China, and one day he receives disturbing news from Cheng (Song Xiaoying), a trusted scientific advisor who was one of his teachers when Xu was a schoolboy. A powerful and rapidly growing typhoon nicknamed "Blue Whale" is heading towards the city, and Xu and Cheng must formulate a strategy to protect the city and its citizens before the storm reaches the shore. Chang has had experience with world-class storms before; his father was a storm chaser who died in a typhoon in 1956, and as he deals with the current crisis, he can't help but think of the disaster of fifty years earlier. Meanwhile, a handful of people in the city are struggling to deal with their personal issues as they prepare to meet the storm, including a visiting meteorologist from the United States, a politician in town for the wedding of his daughter, a thief on the run from the cops, and a man who lives on a small island nearby trying to get back to protect his wife, who is expecting a baby.


  • Wu Gang (巫刚)
  • Song Xiaoying (宋晓英)
  • Liu Xiaowei (刘小微)
  • ----------------------
  • Yin Guohua (尹国华) 
  • Lv Yiding (吕一丁) 
  • Wang Sihuai (王诗槐) 
  • Chen Changhai (陈长海) 
  • Busi E (鄂布斯) 
  • Zhao Qianzi (赵千紫) 
  • --------------------
  • Li Haifeng








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