Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lala's Gun (2008 film)


Lala’s Gun (超强台风) is a 2008 Chinese drama film directed by Ning Jingwu (宁敬武)


  • Movie: Lala’s Gun / 滚拉拉的枪 (2008)
  • Aka : Gun Lala de qiang , Gunlala de qiang
  • Director: Ning Jingwu (宁敬武)
  • ProducerNing Jingwu (宁敬武)
  • WriterNing Jingwu (宁敬武)
  • Release Date : September  24 , 2008
  • Runtime : 103min
  • Genre :  Drama
  • Distributor: 3 Dots Entertainment
  • Language: Mandarin , Hmong
  • Country: China


At the start of the film, a Miao elder tells 15-year-old Lala not to use a cart to carry firewood. Miao must only carry wood on their backs, to prevent deforestation. Lala argues he needs to sell the firewood in the nearby city to buy a traditional hunting rifle for his coming of age ceremony. The film, set in the Miao village Basha, uses local actors speaking their own language (with Chinese and English subtitles). Director Ning Jingwu says the actors had no knowledge of “movies.” He adds the villagers did not watch the film, because one of the characters dies in it but the actor remains alive. Despite similarities to Avatar, the customs and rituals depicted in the film are all authentic, such as the custom of planting a “life tree” when a child is born, and using the wood for the person’s coffin.(Credit : Global Times)


  • Wang Jishuai ()
  • Shi Mingma ()
  • Gun Dangyuan ()






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