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Xu Huihui (徐慧慧) (Jade Xu)

Jade (chinese name Xu Huihui) was born in Shanghai, China on February 9, 1986. She started Wushu Kung Fu at the age of six under the guidance and instruction of her mother and master Xu Guan Guan.

When she was nine-years-old, she left China to live in Italy. The following year, she participated in and won her first competition. Since that day, her journey in sports has been studded with victories and international rewards. In each national and international competition in which she has participated, she has taken first place. By winning several National, European and World Championships, she has distinguished herself as the top athlete of the Italian Wushu Team.
At the age of fourteen she became member of the Italian National Team. In her first European Championship competition she won two gold and two silver medals.
In 2003, when she was seventeen, she participated in her first World Championship of Macao 2003. She won the very first silver medal for the broadsword discipline in the history of the Italian National Team.
At nineteen she participated in her second World Championship of Vietnam 2005. She raised her performance to a higher level by winning her first Gold Medal for the broadsword discipline (Daoshu). Besides this major achievement, she also won the silver medal for the longfist discipline (Changquan) and the bronze medal for the staff discipline (Gunshu).
Since the Wushu World Championship 2005 in Hanoi, Vietnam, she has maintained first place in the world rankings for the broadsword discipline (Daoshu).
After her participation in 2005 World Championship, Jade applied her considerable talents and effort to the study and training in the internal styles of the Taiji. This is the Chinese martial art characterised by fluid movements, in harmony with breathing and interior energy circulation.
In 2007, in Beijing, at the age of 21, she participated in her third World Championship. She again confirmed her world-class talent by taking the gold medal for the broadsword discipline. This performance was of extreme importance as it qualifies her to participate in the debut of “Wushu” during the Beijing Olympics in 2008.
In 2008, in Beijing, at the age of 22, she partecipated in the biggest event in the history of Wushu, the “Wushu Tournament-Beijing 2008″ and became silver medalist for women’s Daoshu and Gunshu Allround.
In 2009, at the 10th World Wushu Championships,in Toronto, Jade won the World Championships for the third time in a row with an outstanding performance of Gunshu (Staff) with magnificient 9.73, and the silver medal for Daoshu (Broadsword) 9.70.
Her accumulation of championships, gold, silver and bronze medals are the tangible results of her worldclass talent and personal dedication to the sport of wushu kungfu! (


  • Name : Xu Huihui (徐慧慧)
  • English name : Jade Xu (徐慧慧)
  • Profession : Athlete (wushu) , Actress
  • Birthdate : Feb 09 , 1986
  • Birthplace : Wenzhou , Zhejiang , China
  • Ethnicity : Chinese
  • Nationality : Italy
  • Height :
  • Star sign : Aquarius
  • Chinese zodiac :
  • Family :
  • Blood Type :
  • Almamater :
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  • Associated acts :
  • Official Website :
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