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Blood Brothers (2007 film)


Blood Brothers (天堂口) is a 2007 Chinese history film directed by Alexi Tan (陈奕利)


  • Movie: Blood Brothers / 天堂口 (2007)
  • Director: Alexi Tan (陈奕利)
  • Producer: John Woo (吴宇森) , Terence Chang (张家振)
  • Writer: Tony Chan (陈国辉) , Jiang Dan (蒋丹) , Alexi Tan (陈奕利)
  • Cinematography : Michel Taburiaux
  • Original Music : Daniel Belardinelli
  • Production Designer : Alfred Yau (邱伟明)
  • Costume Design : Tim Yip (叶锦添) 
  • Genre :  historical
  • Release Date : August 16 , 2007
  • Distributor: CMC Entertainment (Taiwan)
  • Running Time : 95 minutes
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China, Taiwan , Hong Kong


Blood Brothers is the story of three close friends, Fung, Kang, and his little brother Hu. They begin the story as poor fishermen from Zhujiajiao, a small village on the outskirts of Shanghai. They are young and trapped by unfortunate circumstances; they decide to move to Shanghai in search of whatever opportunities the big city may have in store for them.

Once in Shanghai, they are tempted by riches they once could only imagine, but they never expected to become involved with the criminal underworld. They are quickly drawn into the vicious and seductive life provided by the most infamous nightclub in Shanghai, the Paradise Club, a place where the dance stage sparkles with beautiful women such as Lulu, the resident songstress and object of every man's desire. Behind the bright lights, a stream of blood flows deep and wide as Boss Hong, owner of the Paradise Club and a powerful figure in the crime world of Shanghai, discovers that Mark, his right-hand man, is having an affair with Lulu. All the while, both his enemies and his allies are plotting to wrestle control of local gangs away from him.

As the three brothers rise to power, Fung has to make a choice between this life of crime and unrequited love, or a return to the man he once was. Hu has been struggling with his own weakness and reconcile himself to the dangers of his new life in Shanghai while Kang, blinded by a lust for power, pursues his own ambitions at any cost.

By the end, lives will be lost, though redemption may still be within reach.


  • Daniel Wu (吴彦祖)
  • Li Xiaolu (李小璐)
  • Shu Qi (舒淇) 
  • Chang Chen (张震) 
  • Liu Ye (刘烨) 
  • Sun Honglei (孙红雷) 
  • Tony Yang (杨佑宁)
  • Zhao Jun (赵君) 
  • ---------------------------------
  • Lu Yi-Ching (陆弈静)  
  • Yuan Xinyu (苑新雨)
  • Zhang Dianlun (张殿伦)
  • Jack Kao (高捷)
  • Sun Jiaolong (孙蛟龙) 
  • --------------------------------
  • Gui Yongxin , Zhang Liqiu , Wu Renyuen, Ding Xiaohu , Hu Xiang , Zheng Zheng , Shao Yiheng , Yao Zhenying , Fan Youngfu , Sun Jing , Luo Jingni , Pu Yinwen , Li Zhao , Ji Wenjia , Gui Min , Qian Duoduo , Ma Lin , Wu Hairuo , Wang Yuhua , Song Jianhua



  • 2007 Venice International Film Festival





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