Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Longest Night in Shanghai (2007 film)


The Longest Night in Shanghai (夜·上海) is a 2007 Chinese romance film directed by Zhang Yibai (张一白) , starring Motoki Masahiro (本木雅弘) and Vicky Zhao (赵薇)


  • Movie: The Longest Night in Shanghai / 夜·上海 (2007)
  • Director: Zhang Yibai (张一白)
  • Producer: Yumiko Takebe (武部由实子), Xu Wen (徐闻) 
  • WriterZhang Yibai (张一白) , Yuji Yamamura (山村裕二) , Gao Yan (高燕) , Kaz Tadashiki
  • Cinematography : Yang Tao (杨涛)
  • Original Music :Hiroaki Ito (伊东宏晃) , John Mark Painter
  • Art Direction : Gu Wenzai (谷文哉)
  • Costume Design : Wang Yan 
  • Genre :  drama
  • Release Date : June 26 , 2007
  • Distributor:
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


China, Shanghai. A Japanese top make-up artist and hairstylist Naoki Mizushima (Masahiro Motoki) suddenly knocked over by a bashed-up taxi, recklessly driven by a female-driver Linshi (Vicki Zhao). Mizushima is surprisingly safe. He accepts her passionate proposal and gets into her cab. Not understanding a word of Chinese, he thinks she is being kind and offering him a free guided tour of Shanghai. In fact, Linshi is thinking that "All foreigners are suckers", and that she can make a fast buck from her unexpected fare. So begins their "misguided" tour of Shanghai... Meanwhile, Mizushima's colleagues are in a turmoil by his sudden disappearance. His manager and long time partner Miho (Naomi Nishida) and slightly doubious advertising agent Yamaoka (Naoto Takenaka), plus the interpreter Shoshin (Sam Lee) all set off into nighttime Shanghai in search of him.









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