Friday, September 15, 2006

The Banquet (2006 film)

The Banquet (夜宴) is a 2006 Chinese ancient-drama film directed by Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚), starring Zhang Ziyi (章子怡)Daniel Wu (吴彦祖) , Ge You (葛优) and Zhou Xun (周迅)


  • Movie: The Banquet / 夜宴 (2006)
  • Chinese : Ye Yan / 夜宴 (2006)
  • Director: Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚)
  • Producer  : John Chong (庄澄) , Wang Zhongjun (王中军)
  • Writer: Qiu Gangjian , Sheng Hengyu (盛和煜) , William Shakespeare
  • Cinematography : Zhang Li (张黎) 
  • Original Music : Tan Dun (谭盾)
  • Art Director : Tim Yip (叶锦添) 
  • Genre : ancient ,drama
  • Release Date : September 15 , 2006
  • Distributor:
  • Running Time :131 minutes
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China 
  • Budget : 127 million RMB


A loose adaptation of Hamlet, "The Night Banquet" is set in an empire in chaos. The Emperor, the Empress, the Crown Prince, the Minister and the General all have their own enemies they would like to finish off at a night banquet.

Locked in a loveless marriage Empress Wan (international superstar Zhang Ziyi) is desperate to keep her forbidden love for Prince Wu Luan (Daniel Wu), from a family divided by cruelty and oppression. When the emperor suddenly dies, his conniving younger brother Li takes up the throne forcing Wan to marry him. Convinced that this is the only way to protect all she loves from being destroyed by this new power hungry tyrant, Wan agrees.

But Wu Luan refuses to see his love snatched away through such evil, greed and deception. After repeated attempts on his life amid furious confrontations with the new Emperor’s imperial assassins, Wu Luan resolves to return to the palace and take revenge for himself, his beloved and a nation in the grip of a murderous madman.


  • Zhang Ziyi (章子怡)
  • Daniel Wu (吴彦祖)
  • Ge You (葛优) 
  • Zhou Xun (周迅)
  • ---------------------
  • Ma Lun (马仑)
  • Ma Jingwu (马精武) 
  • Xu Xiyan (徐熙颜) 
  • Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明)
  • Xiang Bin (项斌)
  • Zhou Zhonghe (周中和)
  • Bo Bing (薄冰) 
  • Du Junze (杜俊泽)
  • -----------------------------
  • Zeng Qiusheng , Liu Yanbin , Zheng Chunyun , Cui Kai , Liu Yanbin , Du Jingyi , Fei Ho , Liu Tieyong , Ou Siwei , Atsushi Takita , Yusuke Tuyomi , Wang Yubo , Wei Jianhai , Zhan Liang , Zhang Nan








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