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Fearless (2006 film)


Fearless (霍元甲) is a 2006 Chinese wuxia-biopics film directed by Ronny Yu (于仁泰) , starring Jet Li (李连杰), Nakamura Shido (中村狮童) and Betty Sun (孙俪)


  • Movie: Fearless / 霍元甲 (2006)
  • Chinese : Huo Yuanjia / 霍元甲 (2006)  
  • Director: Ronny Yu (于仁泰) 
  • Producer : William Kong (江志强) , Philip Lee (李少伟) , Jet Li (李连杰) , Yang Buting (杨步亭) , Ronny Yu (于仁泰) 
  • Writer: Chris Chow (周隼) , To Chilong (杜致朗)
  • Cinematography : Poon Hang-Sang (潘恒生) 
  • Original Music : Shigeru Umebayashi (梅林茂) 
  • Production Designer : Kenneth Mak (麦国强) 
  • Art Director  : Yang Zhanjia (杨占家) 
  • Costume Design  : Thomas Chong (庄志良) , Emi Wada (和田惠美)
  • Genre :wuxia , biopic
  • Release Date : January 25 , 2006
  • Distributor:
  • Running Time :
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China


Inspired by the true story of a real-life hero Huo Yuanjia , Fearless is a thrilling masterpiece from action superstar Jet Li. When an ill-advised fight destroys the reputation of a renowned martial arts champion (Li) and his family, his difficult path to redemption will bring him face-to-face with the most ferocious fighters in the world. Orchestrated by Yuen Wo Ping, the legendary choreographer of The Matrix and Kill Bill, this sensational, riveting epic is being described as "astounding" and "visually stunning with brilliantly executed fight sequences"


  • Jet Li (李连杰)
  • Nakamura Shido (中村狮童)
  • Betty Sun (孙俪)
  • Dong Yong (董勇)
  • -----------------------
  • Masato Harada (原田眞人)
  • Paw Hee-Ching (鲍起静) 
  • Michelle Yeoh (杨紫琼)
  • Collin Chou (邹兆龙) 
  • Jacky Heung (向佐)
  • ---------------------------
  • Brandon Rhea , Jon T Benn , Anthony De Longis , Nathan Jonese , Jean Claude Leuyer , Ian Powers , Darren Richardson , Sun Nan , Bobby White , John Paisley , Samantha Buck . Jason Lin , Dave Mallow , Somrak Khamsing
  • Chen Zhihui , Qu Yun , Zhao Zhigang


  • Jet Li to face lawsuit for movie Fearless (China Daily ) The film is a biography of a real Chinese Kung Fu hero, Huo Yuanjia, which is the name of the movie in Chinese. Huo who died 96 years ago is still revered in China and the rest of Asia.
    The movie has annoyed descendants of Huo's family, who are upset that the film's plot sullies the reputation of the revered Kung Fu master and his offspring. Huo Shoujin, the grandson of Huo Yuanjia's, wants Fearless removed from theatres and a publicly apologize from the producers.Lawyer Yang Zhonghai, hired by Huo's family in Tianjin, said Jet Li's name was added to the suit as the action star not only played the lead role but participated in the making and production of the movie.Li's has said Fearless will be his last fight-movie ending a 25-year long martial arts career. The film is poised for a wide release in North America later this year.Li has been widely quoted in the Chinese media saying his role as Huo Yuanjia (1869-1910) was meant to pay homage to the martial arts master. Huo was the founder and spiritual leader of the Jing Wu Federation, a Kung Fu organization in the early 1900s in China.The the movie attempts to express his views on martial arts, Chinese culture and life. The movie was a blockbuster when released last January in Asia, Li said.
    Huo, the grandson, contends that the film is completely inaccurate. It portrays his ancestor as a man who killed many innocent people just for the sport of it. It also shows Huo's redemption and eventual self-fulfillment comes to him through his unrequited love for a blind girl.
    The film shows Huo's family being murdered and that he died without leaving heirs, which could make people today suspicious of his family's claim to be direct descendants, claims the family's lawyer.Huo Shoujin sued on March 7 Fearless producers, Beijing Film Studio and Anle Film Co., Ltd. in Beijing's western Haidian District Court for maligning the reputation of his family. (China Daily , March 26 2006






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