Thursday, December 9, 2004

A World Without Thieves (2004 film)


A World Without Thieves (天下无贼) is a 2004 Chinese drama film directed by Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚),


  • Movie: A World Without Thieves / 天下无贼 (2004)
  • Director: Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚)
  • Producer : Liu Zhenyun (刘震云) , Wang Zhongjun (王中军) , Wang Zhonglei (王中磊) , John Chong (庄澄) , Chen Kuofu (陈国富) , Han Sanping (韩三平) , Zhang Qing (张强) 
  • Writer: Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚) ,Lin Lisheng (林黎胜)
  • Cinematographer :  Zhang Li (张黎)
  • Original Music : Wang Liguang (王黎光) 
  • Choreographer : Kong To-Hoi (江道海)
  • Genre :drama
  • Release Date : September 12 , 2004
  • Running Time :113 minutes
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China 


Action heist movie, set on a train, in which two sets of thieves do battle over the life savings of a passenger. Fresh from their latest scam, con artist couple Wang Bo (Andy Lau) and Wang Li (Rene Liu) catch a train to make good their escape. Befriending naive village boy Sha Gen (Baoqiang Wang), Wang Bo decides to steal the life savings he's carrying, much to the disgust of his pregnant partner who decides to protect the boy instead. But when a group of thieves led by Hu Li (Ge You) boards the train, a contest quickly develops between the two rival camps for Sha Gen's cash, all the while watched over by local undercover police biding their time.  .




  • 2005 Golden Horse Awards
  • 2005 Hong Kong Film Awards 
  • 2005 Golden Bauhinia Awards (Top Ten Chinese Films , Best Actress - Rene Liu)
  • 2005 Golden Rooster Awards (Best Art Direction Nomination) 
  • 2005 Montreal World Film Festival 
  • 2005 Hundred Flowers Awards





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