Friday, August 27, 2004

The Parking Attendant In July (2004 film)


The Parking Attendant In July (看车人的七月) is a 2004 Chinese drama film directed by An Zhanjun (安战军) , starring Fan Wei (范伟)


  • Movie: The Parking Attendant In July / 看车人的七月 (2004)
  • Director: An Zhanjun (安战军)
  • Producer : Yang Buting , Han Sanping ,
  • Writer: An Zhanjun (安战军) , Jiang Xiujia
  • Cinematographer :  Jiang Xiujia
  • Original Music : Wang Liguang
  • Art Director  : Yang Baocheng , Niu Fuzhi 
  • Genre : drama
  • Release Date : August 27 , 2004
  • Running Time :100 minutes
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China 


Du Hongjun, a middle-aged parking attendant outside a glitzy night club.  His teenage son, Xiaoyu (Zhang Weixun), by an ex-wife who ran off to Hong Kong, is a quiet, seemingly filial type who keeps getting into fights. He’s clearly something of a disappointment to his honest, blue-collar dad. Du is sweet on a supposedly divorced florist, Xiaosong (Chen Xiaoyi), though she’s always evasive when he talks about marriage. One day, he finds out why, when her violent husband, Liu San (Zhao Jun), turns up on early release from stir and immediately starts reimposing himself in her life. Top of his list of priorities is warding off the attentions of Du, which gradually escalates to violence that involves both father and son. (Variety)


  • Fan Wei (范伟)
  • Zhao Jun (赵君)  
  • Chen Xiaoyi (陈小艺)
  • Liu Wei (刘威)
  • ------------------------------
  • Chen Xing , Feng Guoqing , Zhang Weixun







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