Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Baby In Love (2004 film)


Baby In Love (恋爱中的宝贝) is a 2004 Chinese drama film directed by Li Shaohong (李少红) , starring Joey Wong (王祖賢)


  • Movie: Baby In Love / 恋爱中的宝贝 (2004)
  • Aka : Baober in Love / 恋爱中的宝贝 (2004) 
  • Chinese : Lian Ai Zhong De Bao Bei / 恋爱中的宝贝 (2004) 
  • Director: Li Shaohong (李少红)
  • Producer :  Li Xiaowan (李小婉)
  • Writer:Zheng Zhong (郑重)
  • Cinematographer :  Zeng Nianping (曾念平)
  • Original Music : Pierre Bonhomme , Tetsuya Komuro (小室哲哉) , Franco Perry , Damien Vergnaud
  • Production Designer : Tim Yip (叶锦添) 
  • Genre : drama
  • Release Date : February 10 , 2004
  • Running Time :100 minutes
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Country: China 


Thrown out of his swanky Beijing apartment by his wife, unfulfilled wage-slave Liu (magnetic newcomer Huang) sets up home with the wild and crazy Baober (Zhou in her best role since Suzhou River). They enjoy a period of psychedelic rapture (the entire film is digitally retouched, a first for China), but he carelessly drives her away and finds himself bereft and helpless. She, meanwhile, takes up with a physically handicapped sportsman. Liu's frantic search for her uncovers some uncomfortable truths about her past and his sexism. A Chinese Betty Blue (but without the misogynistic pay-off), it's funny, sexy and sad in equal measures - and the mix of oneiric fantasy and social realism is fresh and winning. None of Li's films looks or sounds much like any of the others, but this ground-breaker establishes her as the only 'fifth generation' director to keep pace with changing times.(http://www.timeout.com)








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